Uranishi lab is located in Cyber Media Center, Osaka University which was completed in Toyonaka campus in October 2002. Uranishi lab is operated under the direction of 11 staffs. Uranishi lab is named “Integrated Media Environment,” since it proposes “the creation of new environments by media integration and utilization” as its theme for research activities. Its main research area roughly falls into several categories such as
  • Augmented Reality
  • Head Mounted Display
  • User Interface
  • Robotics
  • Computer Vision + Machine Learning
  • E-Learning


We always welcome highly motivated students from all over the world who can enjoy living in Japan and devote to build an advanced system for a better society. If you like to join our lab (Ph.D. student, Master student or Internship student), you can send us your resume, transcript and study plan to teachers@ for our consideration. After you passed the interview by our lab members, we will recommend you to take an entrance exam of our department via ITSCE program .

Events of Uranishi lab

In Uranishi lab, we have lots of events including various kinds of parties and annual lab trip.

Mar.  Graduation Celebration Party

Apr. Cherry Blossom Viewing

May Icho-Festival

Aug. Gaming Demonstration

Aug. Lab trip

Barbecue Party



International Dinner Party

Chiristmas Party